Freelife Origin World 10.8

Adventure in the world full of Fantasy MMORPG



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[Highlight Feature]
+High Quality Graphic

Nice Graphic, suitable for all genders and ages

+Various Jobs Styles

Variety of jobs like Ragnarok PC. Choose your favourite job and let's start the adventure


Change high-class jobs fast and growth your character with fully speed

+New Event and Activity

Various events with many activities in the game.

+Best Costume

Cute costumes. Fashionista like this. Mix & Match your style.

+Fabulous Pet & Mount

Don't feel lonely with Pets and Mounts !

+New System

Upgrade your character with new system

+Most Exciting PvP & Guild Wars

Guarantee the intense in this battle of dignity with many prizes


Fun-to-play, a ton of events, many freebies, everyday enjoyable


On the way to the capital Prontera of the Rune-Midgarts kingdom. An adventurer meets a mysterious woman named "Lucy" who is being attacked by an unknown group.

Even Lucy could defeat them, she is too injured to continue her journey. Lucy begs an adventurer to help her by assigning duties to help deliver secret letters and some things to important people.

The encounter might seem ordinary. Howevery, in fact, it hides a terrifying secret that will set off a dramatic twist, which could shake even the fate of the kingdom.

What is that secret? And what is the purpose of the mysterious group attacking Lucy? These questions will guide you on your great adventure. Where it all starts here... Freelife Origin World


  • Swordman
    Swordman is a well-balanced class. There are unique skills, such as pulling monsters to attack themselves, making it easy for other players in the party to play.
  • Archer
    Archer is count as a popular career path. This class has a long attack range and can attacks continuously. It is the main DPS of the party.
  • Mage
    Mage is a class that specializes in using elemental attacks. Elements can be used to help in battle. There are both skills to support teammates and disturb the opposite side.
  • Acolyte
    Acolyte, a born-to-be support class. There are skills that restore HP and buff teammates. Also, some unique skills to fight with the undead.
  • Merchant
    Merchant, a trader with skills that are bought in the cheaper price and sold in a higher price. In terms of combat, there are both single skills and group skills for monster farms.
  • Thief
    Thief a class with high agility. Easily dodge enemy attacks. Combined with quick attack skills, it can kill enemies in the blink of an eye.


  • Prontera
  • Izlude
  • Payon
  • Geffen
  • Alberta
  • Morroc
  • Comodo
  • Juno
  • Alderbaran
  • Falas Lighthouse Island


Sexy Bapho

It's our favorite mobile version of the game. It's our favorite mobile version because we've been playing Ragnarok since computer games. This one hasn't changed much. Just having more mobile games


Fun and easy to play Fun and easy to play. I think it can be traded in game also. Maybe some merchant might able to make profit from this game.

Legendary Kid

I miss PC version a lot I miss PC version a lot, miss my friend, my memory. I hope this game can make me feel the same as PC versio


Good visual Good visual, and system. I never play RO before but I love this version. I make my character in many style.


I'm getting bored with ROX and ROM and try this game. I'm getting bored with ROX and ROM and try this game. The game has a lot of detail and various play style. War is impressive like in PC. Fashion is good, I can play in wardrobe all day !


I can't wait to play it! I can't wait to play it! Please give us more items. BTW , the game is very fun to play.

Freelife Origin

Let joy the World Class Adventure

Try it now !

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